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9/12/2023 at Clay County Fair Speedway - Spencer, IA

360 Sprint Cars: ASCS National

Jack Dover

360 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
A Feature 1Time: 429.0681313th
Heat 4Time: 142.58111st
Qualifying 4Time: 15.89164th

360 Sprint Cars

ASCS National


25 laps | 00:07:11.531Presented by RacinDirt.TV
12Terry McCarlAltoona, IA24
24Matt CovingtonGlenpool, OK95
312Zane DeVaultPlymouth, IN6Z
41Blake HahnSapulpa, OK52
56Brandon AndersonGlenpool, OK55B
69Ayrton GennettenVersailles, MO19
73Chris MartinAnkeny, IA44
88Howard MooreMemphis, TN3
910Christopher ThramSanborn, MN24T
107Jason MartinLiberal, KS36
1111Jamie BallKnoxville, IA4W
1220Kyler JohnsonQuinter, KS45X
1313Jack DoverSpringfield, NE53
1418Christopher TownsendLa Porte, TX6
1514Michael DayFarmersville, TX91
1619Riley GoodnoKnoxville, IA22
1715Jordon MallettGreenbrier, AR14
1816Corbin EricksonSioux Falls, SD18
1917Sam HendersonSioux Falls, SD83
2022Lance MossCherryville, NC23M
2121Colin SmithSheldon, IA05
225Skylar ProchaskaLakefield, MN35
2323Landon BrittMemphis, TN10

B-Main 1

12 laps | 00:10:53
13Sam HendersonSioux Falls, SD83
24Christopher TownsendLa Porte, TX6
36Riley GoodnoKnoxville, IA22
411Kyler JohnsonQuinter, KS45X
51Colin SmithSheldon, IA05
67Lance MossCherryville, NC23M
72Ryan BickettRamona, SD17B
810John AndersonDes Moines, IA1A
915Will EggimannJackson, MN77W
1013Nathan AndersonNewton, IA17N
118Riley ValentineTerril, IA32
129Brandon StevensonHolstein, IA91X
135Brant O'BanionParker, SD20
1412Reed AllexSt. Cloud, MN91R
1514Landon BrittMemphis, TN10

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:02:17Presented by AR Dyno Specialty
12Matt CovingtonGlenpool, OK95
24Blake HahnSapulpa, OK52
33Ayrton GennettenVersailles, MO19
41Sam HendersonSioux Falls, SD83
55Ryan BickettRamona, SD17B
66Brant O'BanionParker, SD20
77Reed AllexSt. Cloud, MN91R
88Kyler JohnsonQuinter, KS45X

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:03:45Presented by AR Dyno Specialty
12Skylar ProchaskaLakefield, MN35
25Jason MartinLiberal, KS36
34Terry McCarlAltoona, IA24
46Michael DayFarmersville, TX91
57Corbin EricksonSioux Falls, SD18
61Will EggimannJackson, MN77W
78Riley ValentineTerril, IA32
83Landon BrittMemphis, TN10

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:02:22Presented by AR Dyno Specialty
11Zane DeVaultPlymouth, IN6Z
22Jamie BallKnoxville, IA4W
33Christopher ThramSanborn, MN24T
44Howard MooreMemphis, TN3
56Colin SmithSheldon, IA05
65Lance MossCherryville, NC23M
77John AndersonDes Moines, IA1A
88Nathan AndersonNewton, IA17N

Heat 4

8 laps | 00:02:22Presented by AR Dyno Specialty
11Jack DoverSpringfield, NE53
23Brandon AndersonGlenpool, OK55B
34Chris MartinAnkeny, IA44
45Jordon MallettGreenbrier, AR14
52Christopher TownsendLa Porte, TX6
66Riley GoodnoKnoxville, IA22
77Brandon StevensonHolstein, IA91X

Qualifying 1

3 laps | 00:00:46Presented by The Driver's Project
16Blake HahnSapulpa, OK5214.283
21Ayrton GennettenVersailles, MO1914.377
35Matt CovingtonGlenpool, OK9514.524
42Sam HendersonSioux Falls, SD8314.565
54Ryan BickettRamona, SD17B14.875
63Brant O'BanionParker, SD2014.986
77Kyler JohnsonQuinter, KS45X15.251
88Reed AllexSt. Cloud, MN91R15.282

Qualifying 2

3 laps | 00:00:47Presented by The Driver's Project
11Terry McCarlAltoona, IA2414.540
27Landon BrittMemphis, TN1014.947
34Skylar ProchaskaLakefield, MN3515.020
43Will EggimannJackson, MN77W15.320
56Jason MartinLiberal, KS3615.563
68Michael DayFarmersville, TX9115.614
75Corbin EricksonSioux Falls, SD1815.735
82Riley ValentineTerril, IA3219.656

Qualifying 3

3 laps | 00:02:08Presented by The Driver's Project
12Howard MooreMemphis, TN314.829
27Christopher ThramSanborn, MN24T14.874
36Jamie BallKnoxville, IA4W15.047
44Zane DeVaultPlymouth, IN6Z15.276
55Lance MossCherryville, NC23M15.661
68Colin SmithSheldon, IA0515.965
73John AndersonDes Moines, IA1A16.262
81Nathan AndersonNewton, IA17N16.333

Qualifying 4

3 laps | 00:00:49Presented by The Driver's Project
11Chris MartinAnkeny, IA4415.581
22Brandon AndersonGlenpool, OK55B15.593
37Christopher TownsendLa Porte, TX615.766
46Jack DoverSpringfield, NE5315.891
53Jordon MallettGreenbrier, AR1415.956
65Riley GoodnoKnoxville, IA2216.061
74Brandon StevensonHolstein, IA91X16.146




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