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5/29/2022 at Huset's Speedway - Brandon, SD

410 Sprint Cars: Northern Outlaw Sprint Association
NOSA 410 Sprint Cars & Tri- State Late Models $5,000 to win Adults $20 at Gate, $17 in advance online Students 13- 18 $10 at Gate, $8 in advance online Kid's 12 & younger FREE Turn 1 Suite Lower Level Adult $40.00 Pit Passes Adults $35.00 12 & younger $20.00

Jack Dover

410 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
A Feature 1Time: 460.9461410th
Heat 2Time: 118.88855th
Qualifying 1Time: 11.2881214th

410 Sprint Cars

A Feature

25 laps | 00:07:32.294
12Ryan TimmsOklahoma City, OK5T
21Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA83JR
35Brooke TatnellSan Souci, NSW16
43Thomas KennedyWinnipeg, MB21K
56Austin McCarlAltoona, IA88
68Justin HendersonTea, SD7
74Dusty ZomerBrandon, SDACE
87Matt JuhlTea, SD09
99Carson McCarlAltoona, IA27
1014Jack DoverSpringfield, NE81
1117Jody RosenboomRock Rapids, IA14
1210Jake BubakArvada, CO1X
1312Mark DobmeierGrand Forks, ND13
1413Brant O'BanionParker, SD47
1516Jade HastingsGrand Forks, ND8H
1619Cody HansenNunda, SD4
1715Brendan MullenGrand Forks, ND11M
1811Kaleb JohnsonSioux Falls, SD22K
1921Riley GoodnoKnoxville, IA22
2018Elliot AmdahlFlandreau, SD51A
2122Alex SchrieverHartford, SD0
22 (DNF)23Zach OmdahlEast Grand Forks, MN17
23 (DNF)24Alan GilbertsonKasson, MN97
24 (DNF)20Wade NygaardGrand Forks, ND9N

B Feature

12 laps | 00:02:20.662
11Cody HansenNunda, SD4
22Wade NygaardGrand Forks, ND9N
33Riley GoodnoKnoxville, IA22
44Alex SchrieverHartford, SD0
55Zach OmdahlEast Grand Forks, MN17
66Alan GilbertsonKasson, MN97
79Tim EstensonFargo, ND14T
87Justin JacobsmaHull, IA10J
98Colin SmithSheldon, IA05
DNS-Chuck McGillivrayMadison, SD101

Heat 1

10 laps | 00:01:57.124Presented by Fatheadz Eyewear
11Carson McCarlAltoona, IA27
24Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA83JR
32Thomas KennedyWinnipeg, MB21K
43Brooke TatnellSan Souci, NSW16
55Brant O'BanionParker, SD47
69Elliot AmdahlFlandreau, SD51A
78Riley GoodnoKnoxville, IA22
86Cody HansenNunda, SD4
97Wade NygaardGrand Forks, ND9N
1010Tim EstensonFargo, ND14T

Heat 2

10 laps | 00:01:54.509Presented by KND Safety
11Kaleb JohnsonSioux Falls, SD22K
22Austin McCarlAltoona, IA88
34Justin HendersonTea, SD7
43Ryan TimmsOklahoma City, OK5T
55Jack DoverSpringfield, NE81
66Jody RosenboomRock Rapids, IA14
79Alex SchrieverHartford, SD0
87Alan GilbertsonKasson, MN97
DNS-Chuck McGillivrayMadison, SD101

Heat 3

10 laps | 00:01:55.798Presented by Smith TI
12Dusty ZomerBrandon, SDACE
21Mark DobmeierGrand Forks, ND13
34Matt JuhlTea, SD09
43Jake BubakArvada, CO1X
56Jade HastingsGrand Forks, ND8H
65Brendan MullenGrand Forks, ND11M
77Zach OmdahlEast Grand Forks, MN17
89Justin JacobsmaHull, IA10J
98Colin SmithSheldon, IA05


2 laps | 00:00:53.109Presented by Nordica Warehouses
115Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA83JR10.870
219Justin HendersonTea, SD710.977
322Matt JuhlTea, SD0911.042
45Brooke TatnellSan Souci, NSW1611.087
59Ryan TimmsOklahoma City, OK5T11.103
67Jake BubakArvada, CO1X11.156
710Thomas KennedyWinnipeg, MB21K11.187
88Austin McCarlAltoona, IA8811.229
96Dusty ZomerBrandon, SDACE11.230
1016Carson McCarlAltoona, IA2711.241
1128Kaleb JohnsonSioux Falls, SD22K11.256
1226Mark DobmeierGrand Forks, ND1311.267
1311Brant O'BanionParker, SD4711.271
1412Jack DoverSpringfield, NE8111.288
152Brendan MullenGrand Forks, ND11M11.304
1613Cody HansenNunda, SD411.345
1714Jody RosenboomRock Rapids, IA1411.348
1825Jade HastingsGrand Forks, ND8H11.368
1917Wade NygaardGrand Forks, ND9N11.396
2023Alan GilbertsonKasson, MN9711.420
214Zach OmdahlEast Grand Forks, MN1711.439
2218Riley GoodnoKnoxville, IA2211.440
2321Chuck McGillivrayMadison, SD10111.562
243Colin SmithSheldon, IA0511.599
2520Elliot AmdahlFlandreau, SD51A11.647
261Alex SchrieverHartford, SD011.649
2724Justin JacobsmaHull, IA10J11.680
2827Tim EstensonFargo, ND14T11.782




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