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7/31/2021 at I-90 Speedway - Hartford, SD

360 Sprint Cars: MSTS 360 Midwest Sprint Touring Series with Midwest Power Series
305 Sprint Cars

Jack Dover

360 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
A Feature 1Time: 484.55683rd
Heat 1Time: 181.30312nd

360 Sprint Cars

A Feature

20 laps | 00:08:02.478Presented by Property Solutions of America
12Jody RosenboomRock Rapids, IA14
21Elliot AmdahlFlandreau, SD86
38Jack DoverSpringfield, NE53
43Lee Goos JrHartford, SD17
57Brant O'BanionParker, SD20
66Troy SchreursBaltic, SD12
79Carter ChevalierAndover, MN15C
85Chuck McGillivrayMadison, SD101
9 (DNF)10James BrotyLonsdale, MN36
10 (DNF)11Darin SpielmanLennox, SD32X
11 (DNF)12Tyler RabenbergPrinceton, MN18
DNS-Eric LutzSioux Falls, SD5
DNS-Alex SchrieverHartford, SD0
DNS-Dusty BallengerHarrisburg, SD32
DNS-Lincoln DrewisTripoli, IA10
DNS-Brandon HalversonJackson, MN13MJ

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:03:00Presented by Property Solutions of America
14Jody RosenboomRock Rapids, IA14
21Jack DoverSpringfield, NE53
37Eric LutzSioux Falls, SD5
48Brant O'BanionParker, SD20
53Carter ChevalierAndover, MN15C
66James BrotyLonsdale, MN36
72Darin SpielmanLennox, SD32X
DNS-Brandon HalversonJackson, MN13MJ

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:07:53Presented by Property Solutions of America
11Lee Goos JrHartford, SD17
22Troy SchreursBaltic, SD12
34Chuck McGillivrayMadison, SD101
45Elliot AmdahlFlandreau, SD86
5 (DNF)3Tyler RabenbergPrinceton, MN18
6 (DNF)7Alex SchrieverHartford, SD0
7 (DNF)8Dusty BallengerHarrisburg, SD32
8 (DNF)6Lincoln DrewisTripoli, IA10

305 Sprint Cars

A Feature

20 laps | 00:11:05.277Presented by Spielman Excavating
12Jesse LindbergSioux Falls, SD7L
210Lee Goos JrHartford, SD17
31Nick BargerMadison, SD53
47Micah SlendySioux Falls, SD8
54Andrew SullivanArnold's park, IA91
65Nate BargerMadison, SD98
711Jared JansenParker, SD81
813Dillon BickettMadison, SD17B
917Alec MatayaHartford, SD12
1014Eli HargreavesCrooks, SD13X
1118Whitley BarrSioux Falls, SD40
1220Bryan ParkColman, SD20B
1319Nathan PainterSioux Falls, SD4
14 (DNF)6Trefer WallerO’Neill , NE32T
15 (DNF)15Jackson WeberDeli Rapids, SD97
16 (DNF)8John LambertzSioux Falls, SD12L
17 (DNF)12Logan HersheyGillette, WY20H
DNS-Bayley BallengerHarrisburg, SD6B
DNS-Dusty BallengerHarrisburg, SD2D
DNS-Shane FickBrandon, SD7X
DNS-Joshua WaddellLarchwood, IAD16

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:02:01.157
14Andrew SullivanArnold's park, IA91
22Nick BargerMadison, SD53
35John LambertzSioux Falls, SD12L
46Jared JansenParker, SD81
53Dillon BickettMadison, SD17B
67Shane FickBrandon, SD7X
71Nathan PainterSioux Falls, SD4

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:02:02.111
12Trefer WallerO’Neill , NE32T
23Dusty BallengerHarrisburg, SD2D
37Logan HersheyGillette, WY20H
46Jesse LindbergSioux Falls, SD7L
51Eli HargreavesCrooks, SD13X
65Alec MatayaHartford, SD12
74Bryan ParkColman, SD20B

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:04:25.386
16Lee Goos JrHartford, SD17
24Nate BargerMadison, SD98
35Micah SlendySioux Falls, SD8
42Bayley BallengerHarrisburg, SD6B
51Jackson WeberDeli Rapids, SD97
63Whitley BarrSioux Falls, SD40
7 (DNF)7Joshua WaddellLarchwood, IAD16




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